Welcome to "Victorious Living Culture's" Academy!

Where it's a victorious living "culture" movement, and there is always hope because victorious living is possible!

*Do you feel stuck in circumstances, going around the same mountain wanting real change, but you don’t know how to get there?

*Well, victorious living culture’s academy was created just for you.

*VLC's courses provide you with tools and guidance that puts you on the path to live victoriously, to live your best life NOW.

*If you don't do anything different, nothing changes!

*I did something different. 

*Before this, I was stuck in circumstances for many years, going around the same mountain, living a not so happy life.  One circumstance I was stuck in was emotional eating.

*Our lives are a journey.  However, we can stay in joy, peace, and happiness, and live a life of victory on a continual basis no matter what.  Victorious Living Culture’s Academy will help you find the victorious life you were meant to have.

Noreen N. Henry

Victorious Living Strategist


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Do you have an overcoming story?

Are you living victoriously?

Stuck Is NOT Your Story! 

Victorious Living Community

Get FREE resources, tips, messages and downloads in our private online community. 

Start Your Journey with your Victorious Living Minibook & more! 

30-Day Journey of Foundational Tips For Victorious Living

Join the 30 - Day Journey of Foundational Tips for Victorious Living.

You will receive the foundation that will help you get to the root of what is stopping you from living your most victorious life. 

Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Becoming Aware

Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Becoming Aware Kit

"Victorious Living: Guide To A Happier Life" Book

This course, “Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Becoming Aware,” is raising the awareness level to live victoriously.  This course will also shed some light on becoming even more aware.

A Secret To Success Is Our Thoughts & Words

A Secret To Success Is Our Thoughts & Words!

This course teaches you the importance of your thoughts and our words. 

It is extremely important that we think about what we think about, and speak words that give life because we get what we say; and I know you want good things in all aspects of your life.

"Victorious Living Kit"

"Food Addiction: The Struggle Has Been Real Book"

"30-Day Journal: Daily Thought Book"

"What Everyone Ought To Know About Food Addiction And Our Thoughts" Teaching

You will receive the information that will help you to see how our thoughts tie into food addiction, or, in fact, any addiction.   

LIVE "Overcomer Course" Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Don't Allow Food To Rob You Of Your Life

Live "Overcomer course" Stuck Is NOT Your Story: Don't Allow Food To Rob You Of Your Life

This course has exercises that will help you to understand why wrong habits were developed, and has exercises to help with creating new victorious habits.

Course Objectives:

*Your commitment & why

*Understanding how the addiction started

*Unlearning & Relearning

*Temptation will come, how to handle it

*How to apply the knowledge learned

Victorious Living Workshop

This workshop shows you how to become unstuck, and how to avoid going around the same mountains all the time, to live your best life NOW!

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