Do you have an overcoming story?

"Stuck Is NOT Your Story: I Am Healed" is a global book collaboration project!

We're looking for like-minded individuals that have overcome adversity and want to share their story to inspire and help others.

I have overcome many adversities that has made me into the person I am now, and sharing my story has set others free, knowing that they are NOT suffering alone and that they too can overcome.  A few things I have overcome are emotional eating, mental abuse, and trauma.

  • If you have a story to tell and want to be part of a movement, this is for you.
  • If you have never written a book and want to do it NOW!
  • If you want a bigger audience, this is for you!
  • If you are already an author and want to add another book to your arsenal!


Some benefits include:

  • Billboard in Times Square, NYC
  • Audiobook version
  • Media interviews
  • 10 complimentary copies of the book

Why this collaboration project, you ask?  As is mentioned above, this is a global project. Our books are used by book clubs, counselors for their patients, will be donated to organizations in need like shelters.  There is much more to come from the Stuck Is NOT Your Story Book series.

Email for more details:


If you already know you want to be part of this "global" project, here is the link for your deposit to secure your spot:

Working with Noreen Henry as a Visionary Leader was a seamless process. She was approachable when it came to asking questions. She answered clearly, and concisely in a timely manner. She did this from the time I signed up to join the book, through the writing and editing process, and the whole way through publication. Ms. Henry kept the co-authors up-to-date on what was happening and she was uplifting and motivating. She provided useful tips and considerations, which were especially helpful to me, as this was my first experience with publishing. She was a cheerleader keeping the excitement going as everyone waited for the book to release. I would truly recommend working with Ms. Henry. I believe in her work and have seen her be a great leader who inspires and drives anyone she works with to reach for the stars!  Ann Mushendwa

I would like to share a brief testimony of my experience with our Stuck Is Not Your Story: Change Is Possible book project.  It has been an amazing experience working with the group of women who played a part in this journey. The women were very encouraging and supportive. I'm truly grateful for being a part of an amazing project. Noreen, Stuck Is Not Your Story: Change Is Possible. Has allowed me to open up to a new place in my life facing J.  Thank you, Noreen for allowing me to be a part of the vision.  Dr. Janice Freeman

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